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Brand Name: Xingying
Technique: Welded Mesh
Application: Woven Wire Mesh
Type: Welded Mesh
Material: Stainless Steel Wire


Semi-automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine,  Weaving Machine has other names called  machine,  machine, square wire mesh machine.  Machine can be divided into three types: Semi-automatic crimped wire mesh machinesAutomatic crimped wire mesh machineHydraulic crimped wire mesh machine.

Wire mesh crimping machine is a kind of wire mesh machine. New wire mesh crimping machine controls operating speed by variable frequency motor and can achieve the maximum weaving speed and a fully automated, programmable, high efficiency production within the requirement scope of the wire diameter and mesh opening.

Semi-automatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine Operates in the form of crimping before weaving, with weft wire feeding by hand and automatic feeding of warp wire, designed for thick wire. this type of wire mesh crimping machine is designed for weaving of wire ranging from 2mm to 6mm, with simple operation, non-broken weft wire phenomenon. It offers high efficiency, stable mechanical properties. Finished products can be steel bar crimping, screen wire crimping.

SemiAutomatic Wire Mesh Crimping Machine Description