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Brand Name: KY
Accuracy: xxx
Magnification: xxx
Measuring Time: xxx
Single Prism: xxx
Model Number: DH7.4L
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


DH7.4L explosion-proof searchlight

Model: DH7.4L

Description: DH7.4L Explosion-proof Searchlight

Explosionproof SearchlightExplosionproof Searchlight


Applicable for Indoor/outdoor working place. It can fulfill the fighting demand for coal Mining, petrochemical industry, electric power, smelting, railway, steel, ship, Army, aeronautics and astronautics, public security, firefighting, chemical, government And enterprises.


Technology Parameters:

1. Rated power: 3*3W

2. Rated voltage: 7.4V

3. Solid-state maintenance-free LED, work light and bright light can be switched optionally.

4. Lighting angle Is adjustable. Also, it can position the light basing on working demand.