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Capacity: 420
Application: Boat
Power Source: Electric
Brand Name: JUVI
Contact: Sophie Duan
Model Number: JV411
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Product name: low profile / head mini 12v 24v electric anchor winch 400W
Motor: 400w
Power Supply: 12V/24V
Max. Load: 125kg
Chain Size: 6/7mm
Max. Pull: 420kg
Line Speed: 25m/min
Rope Size: 12-14mm
No Load Absorption: 30A
Weight: 9.7kg


Product Description

Low profile / head mini 12v 24v electric anchor  winch 400W
12V 600W vertical windlass for small boat yacht JV511




Net Weight 


Power Supply Motor

No Load 


Max. Load


Max. Pull 


Line Speed Rope Size Chain Size
JV411 9.7 12V/24V 400W 30A 125 420 30m/min 12-14mm 6/7mm
JV411H 10.5 400W 30A 130 450 30m/min 12-14mm 6/7mm
JV511 10 600W 60A 186 560 25m/min 12-14mm 6/7mm
JV511H 11 600W 60A 210 600 25m/min 12-14mm 6/7mm
JV611 16.5 800W 100A 250 700 20m/min 18-22mm 7/8mm
JV611H 18 800W 100A 280 700 20m/min 18-22mm 7/8mm
JV711 22.5 1200W 120A 400 1200 20m/min 18-22mm 8/10mm
JV711H 24 1200W 120A 400 1200 20m/min 18-20mm 8/10mm
JV811 24 1600W 170A 660 1600 20m/min 20-26mm 8/10/12mm
JV811H 25.5 1600W 170A 660 1600 20m/min 20-26mm 8/10/12mm
JV1011 24.5 2000W 170A 660 1900 20m/min 20-26mm 10/12/13mm
JV1011H 27.5 2000W 170A 660 1900 20m/min 20-26mm 10/12/13mm



1. Vertical design suits powerboats or sailboats and can be utilized for anchor ropes, as docking capstans on larger craft, or auxiliary line hauling.

2. High-quality polished 316 stainless steel surface makes for a beautiful appearance.

3. Simplified installation by modular design and precise alignment of gearbox to the top works utilizing marine-grade stainless steel studs.

4. Rope-chain gypsy, choice of two gypsy.

5. Fit include hand-switch, foot-switch, circuit breaker and relay.

6. 3 year warranty.

Company Information

1. Marine deck: Winch, Windlass, Capstan (AC, DC, Vertical, Horizontal, Electric, Hydraulic etc.)

2. Marine deck mooring: Anchor, Anchor chain.

3. Customized products according to customers' request.

Packaging & Shipping

I. Packaging

1.Wooden Case;   2.Iron Frame;    3.According to customers' request;
II. Shipping
by Express/ Air/ Sea/ Train.

Q1: Why we choose you?

  11 professional engineers can provide overall solution services.

  13 years specialising in marine deck equipment.

  18 long-term cooperation supporting factories.

  24 hours a day after-sale technical support.

Q2: What kind of payments do you accept?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/A, D/P, MoneyGram, Paypal etc..

Q3: how about the Delivery Time?

  WE could finish the production within 30 days 

Q4: What's the MOQ?

   MOQ is 1 set.