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Brand Name: Doctor Rain
name: Rainwater Discarding-flow Self-cleaning Filter Device
Material: PP, Plastic with stainless steel
application: Sewage Interception
Type: New
Model Number: YBSJW-70
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Size: 1000*600


Product description:this product is made of PE material, with built-in stainless steel filter net and non-woven fabric, the diameter of the filter net is 2mm, which can intercept large garbage and leaves.
the basket has a handle, which enable us easily take the sand and garbage out from it, thus effectively protect the rest of devices to ensure them work perfectly.
 Installation:this device is equipped with a part which we can adjust it height, so it can be increased its height according to the
Depth of the part buried undergound. after the pipe is connected, it can be installed directly and then backfill with
Soil. There shall be a top of the device that can be opened to check inside and clean up.Product Specification 
Item YBSQL-E200 YBSQL-E300
Source 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz
Control method Rainfall control type Rainfall control type
Pipe Size Inlet and outlet DN200 Inlet and outlet DN300
First flush flow 2mm (set), rain gauge control 2mm (set), raine gauge control
Discharge outlet DN100 DN100
Material Stainless steel304 Stainless steel304
 Applications:It's commonly used in sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting system. It makes an initial filtering of the rainwater, so that the rest purification becomes more simple and effective.Underground Rainwater Filter With Sewage Interception Basket For Rainwater Harvestion System