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Nominal Capacity: 1.5V
Battery Type: Zinc Carbon
Shelf life: 5 years
Model Number: LR6
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Application: toys
Voltage: 1.5V
Type: Other


Good day to you friend,this is Jay come from Guangzhou TianQiu who has specalized in manufacturing battery more than 20 years in China.

We are the leading battery manufacturer and exporter  located in Guangzhou city,Guangdong province China.

We set up a production line for our own brand "TianQiu" in 1994, mainly produce the following types of batteries: 

 1) Alkaline button cells: AG0,AG1,AG2,AG3AG13  ;
 2) Lithium button cells: CR2032,2025,2016,2450,2477,etc.
 3) Zinc air button cells:   ZA10/13/675/312;
 4) Cylindrical alkaline/heavy duty AA,AAA, 12V batteries;
 5) Size C,D and 9V lithium photo batteries;
 6) NI-MH,NI-CD rechargeable batteries.
Reliable quality are widely used in watches, toys, calculators and many kinds of electronic devices.

in 2004,we cooperated with Japan Mitsubishi Group,and contracted the sole agent agreement for Mitsubishi battery producing and selling in Global Market,which greatly enhanced TianQiu brand and Mitsubishi LR6 Alkaline Battery LR6 AA batteryMitsubishi LR03 Alkaline BatterMitsubishi LR6 Alkaline Battery LR6 AA batteryMitsubishi LR03 Alkaline Batter