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Size: 915*1830mm/1220*2440mm
Material: PP
Color: Grey or customized
glue: polypropylene
Model Number: sxw17
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Thickness: 12-20mm


the following example is for you reference.

High Strength Reuse Hollow Plastic Building Project Formwork

1. Light weight,High strength, good toughness and strong shock resistance ability
2. Small expansion coefficient,Large plate width, less joints and wear resistance
3. No moisture absorption,No mildew, no cracking, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance
4. Easy to process,Can be sawed, nailed, weldable, vertical and horizontal can be arbitrarily connected and combined
5. the surfaceIs smooth: casting effect is good
6. the turnoverCan be used more than 50 times, and the service life is long
7. Easy to demould, no need to brush the release agent, tap the template to fall off, shorten the man-hour saving manpower and speed up the project
8. Environmental protection,Energy saving, no pollution, no harmful or toxic gas emissions


High Strength Reuse Hollow Plastic Building Project Formwork

Easy to support and dismantle the construction formwork
Hollow plastic building formwork surface is smooth, automatic demoulding, no need for cleaning and maintenance, no need for release agent, the surface of the formwork after use is not sticky cement, the formwork does not need to be cleaned; under the same workload, the construction efficiency can be increased by 40% compared with the steel formwork. Compared with bamboo and wood formwork, the construction efficiency can be increased by 40%.

It is convenient and safe to move the construction formwork
the density of the hollow plastic building formwork is 0.4 g/cm3, which is 1/21 of the steel, light in weight, and easy for workers to carry. the formwork will not be deformed during use, which can greatly improve the construction safety, and the damage rate is less than 1.

Save time to assemble the construction formwork
Can be customized to the extent, without the need to process the same building area on site, hollow energy-saving building formwork save about 40% more time than traditional formwork.

It takes a short time to disassemble the construction formwork
the thermal expansion coefficient of the hollow plastic building formwork is far from the concrete. after the pouring is completed, it will be automatically separated from the concrete with the change of temperature. It can be easily removed without tapping, and the working time will be greatly saved.



High Strength Reuse Hollow Plastic Building Project Formwork



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Fujian Suxinwang New Energy Co., ltd. Is a collection of research and development, design, production and management services as one of the new material technology application technology enterprises. Suxinwang company in response to market demand, the introduction of cutting-edge plastic construction template research and development, design, production, installation technology, sales, leasing, construction combined business model, launched a new generation of plastic construction template system, and has achieved a certain market position and industry advantages. Compared with the traditional template, its performance is more superior, material is more environmentally friendly. It is widely used in construction engineering, water conservancy and hydropower construction engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering and so on.the company in the spirit of "quality for survival, innovation as the concept", will continue to carry forward the spirit of "practical innovation, forge ahead", continue to bring forth the new, research and development of the best green, environmental protection, energy conservation, quality of new products, to contribute to the green building.
High Strength Reuse Hollow Plastic Building Project Formwork