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Brand Name: EYES
COLOR: black
Material: steel
Size: 55''
Sample time: 7 days
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


55" Outdoor Kiosk(1500 NITS-4000 NITS Option)
this XT55OEVLD1670 is an outdoor kiosk solution.Built in auto brightness sensor. Its brightness is 2000nits (2500nits option).An thermoelectric air conditioner and industrial fans were built in.Vandal-resistant anti-reflective Glass for protecting 55" screen.
Full Outdoor Metal Housing 
the housing  offers  waterproof  and dustproof functions with vandal-resistant anti-reflective (AR) Glass 6mm(8mm option).
the LCD display with the  housing is purpose-built to support all kinds of environments where it will be installed.the special design for air vents  on  housing  can eliminate the water and dust particles to be outside immediately.
Smart Management&Configuration via RS232
Remote management allows the user to control and adjust the display remotely via RS232 protocol.
Therefore,a multiple display control,helping various displays to be easily and 
Simultaneously operated on PC, is possible with the RS232Function.
55 Outdoor Kiosk1500 NITS4000 NITS Option55 Outdoor Kiosk1500 NITS4000 NITS Option