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Brand Name: Lidoan
Output: 4-20mA
Accuracy: Standard: 0.5% Platinum: up to 0.1%
Power Supply: 18-36VDC
Range: (0.1-150)MPa


this series of diffused silicon pressure Transmitters adopt a new generation of pressure detection principle. Compared with traditional products, it has the advantages of advanced technology, Reliable performance, convenient installation, high accuracy, small volume, Vibration resistance, etc.  It has become the most widely used pressure transmitter today.  this series of diffused silicon pressure Transmitters can be divided into common type, flange type, high temperature Type and sanitary type according to different structures, and can be divided into intelligent type and analog type according to principle.  It is suitable for pressure monitoring of gas and liquid medium in chemical industry, petroleum, power plant, metallurgy, Building materials, medicine, food, water supply and drainage and other fields, and converts it into 4-20mA current signal.  Cooperate with corresponding display instruments, record instruments or Regulators to realize automatic monitoring of pressure parameters.

Sapphire pressure transmitter is widely Used in oil field pipeline pressure measurement, especially in harsh Environment, high and low temperature resistant environment can also operate Normally, greatly reducing the measurement error and the occurrence of Non-measurement.

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