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Brand Name: fulida
Type: Anti-cut cloth
Color: white
SiO2 content: unknown
Softening point: unknown


1. in the field of national defense, due to its good impact resistance and greater energy absorption, it can be protected in the military.
Clothing, helmets, bullet-proof materials, such as direct flight aircraft, tanks and ships' armor shields, radar protection
Shell, missile cover, body armor, stab-resistant clothing, shields, parachutes, etc.
2, in the field of protection, made of cut-proof clothing, cut-proof gloves, stab-resistant clothing. Anti-knife cutting, anti-knife cutting, resistant
Spurs. Wear, cut, cut, cut, scrape, etc. When wearing a cut-proof suit with a sharp knife (sharp edge, sharp object, etc.)
, time protection can protect the wearer from cuts, scratches, bruises, and cuts, suitable for public security, armed police, military
, security guards, drivers, mines, glass processing and other practitioners or the elderly, children are wearing under the risk of being cut.