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Quick Details

Brand Name: Zeobercom
Color: White
mesh size: 48cm*15.5cm*34cm
Mesh wire diameter: *
Geotextile: *
Model Number: ZY-JKFZ-EIM100/0
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Anti UAV Solutions Counter Drone Measures Air Defense Security Omnidirectional Interference Jammer Jamming Devicefor anti-UAV, forced landing and drive mode are adopted
Manual \ automatic adjustment of strike frequency band and power
Flexible customized interference mode, automatic start and stop
the electronic map shows the working status and strike area in real time
Guided by UAV radar, UAV Radio Monitoring Equipment, Optoelectronic Device and other equipment
Equipment self-check, abnormal report
Standard interfaces and protocols for secondary development components

Product Description

ZY-JKFZ-EIM100/0 Omnidirectional Jammer Adopts omnidirectional antenna combination to block and interfere with the reception and processing of UAV's figure transmission, remote control and navigation signals within a range of 360°, so as to achieve countermeasures such as forced course reversal, forced landing and drive away, so as to quickly and effectively dispose suspicious UAV.


Product Parameters

Interference intervention distance0.6km; 1km

Control pitch Angle16°

Azimuth coverage (horizontal).360°

Interference beam width..1550~1620MHz; 2400~2485MHz; 5720~5870MHz(Other frequency bands can be customized)

Antenna gain1550~1620MHz≥6Db; 2400~2485MHz, 5720~5870MHz≥8db

Interference time≤1s

Interference typeNarrow band noise interference, broadband noise interference, frequency sweep noise interference

Control interfaceNetwork/serial port

Weight20Kg (standard frequency band)

Power supplyAC220V/50Hz

Equipment power950W (All frequencies)


Physical Features

Working Temperature-30℃55℃

Storage Temperature-40℃~60℃


General Specification

Dimensions (LWH)480mm155mm340mm

Protection gradeIP66