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Brand Name: Zeobercom
Color: Black
mesh size: 110cm*42cm*22.5cm
Mesh wire diameter: *
Geotextile: *
Model Number: ZY-JKFZ-EIM025P
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Anti UAV Solutions Counter Drone Measures Air Defense Security Portable Interference Jammer Jamming Device

Product Description

ZY-JKFZ-EIM025P Portable Jammer can launch multi-band electromagnetic wave to counter the interference of UAV, and can quickly make forced landing or drive away low-altitude UAV, so as to realize effective control of "black flight" UAV. this jammer device is portable, easy to operate, easy to disassemble and easy to carry.


ZY-JKFZ-4010A Can suppress the remote control frequency and image transmission frequency of UAVs and Interfere with the navigation signal of UAVs. with high aiming accuracy and long interference distance, it can easily and quickly interfere with the black flying UAVs. of course we can add the detection alarm function to it according to your requirement.


Product Parameters


Interference intervention distance..1km

Azimuth coverage (horizontal) 360°

Host weight.5655g

Charger weight..300g

Telescopic sight weight520g

Interference band.800-950 MHz;1550~1620MHz; 2400~2485MHz; 5720~5870MHz (Other frequency bands can be customized)

Interference time.1s

the time to perform a forced landing or return..5s

Expand the withdrawal time..0.2min

Environmental electromagnetic wave permissible radiation intensity.12V/m

EMC electromagnetic compatibility..Normal

Control interface.Network/serial port

Interference type.Narrow band noise interference, broadband noise interference, frequency sweep noise interference

Power supplyAC220V/50Hz

Working Temperature.-2055



FRequency rangeGPS/Glonass   2400MHz 5800MHz

STrike range.1.5km

ANtenna gain...GPS/Glonass > 12dbi 2.4G> 11dbi 5.8G > 12dbi

SIgnal output rateGPS/Glonass 2.4G <10W 5.8G <2W

INterference distance≥1500m

WOrking time..60min

BAttery capacity.90Wh

POwer supply mode. Lithium battery

Dimension.... 71Cm X 22Cm X 8.5cm