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Brand Name: XY
Type: Blood Pressure Monitor
Display type: Numerical display
Specimen: /
Accuracy: /


Color: White or black

Size:4.6 inches or 5.2 inches

Accessories:Extended armband, display screen, power adapter.

Style:Mecury column, inflatable compreeion type.

Main Advantages:Compared with similar companies, this products is lighter and smaller. Easy to carry, low power consumption, large screen display, remote monitoring.

Technical details:the data can be synchronized with the mobile phone, and can be detected remotely at any time, which makes the family feel more at ease.

Certificates:We have got the FDA and the ESH.

Our Service:There is no reason to return the goods within 7 days. The damaged goods will be replaced for half a year and guaranteed for one year.

 Household blood pressure measuring instrument