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Brand Name: NOBOTECH
Voltage: 220V
Measuring Range: 0~20mg/L
Accuracy Class: aboout 0.01mg/L
Display Type: LCD display
Model Number: CL-8100
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Free Chlorine Analyser & Residual Chlorine Meter
Product Description:

the residual chlorine detector is an online intelligent residual chlorine detector imported from foreign technology by our company. Have English menu operation, Notepad storage data, 485 communication interface and other functions. It is widely used for the continuous monitoring and control of the residual chlorine content in the water solution, such as the control of circulating water and the control of the adding chlorine in the swimming pool, the drinking water treatment plant, the drinking water distribution network, the swimming pool, the hospital waste water, the water quality treatment project and so on
Free chlorine analyser and residual chlorine meter

Free Chlorine Analyser & Residual Chlorine Meter
Main Features:

  • Waterproof, dust proof, moisture-proof (IP65), high-end design look.
  • High precision, high stability and preferable antijamming ability.
  • Large screen LCD display, support Chinese menu (switching from each other).
  • Multi-parameters display simultaneously, such as: residual chlorine, Hypochloric acid value, PH, temperature, current-output, easy to see and read, and there is measurement range exceeding the limit.
  • Automatic / manual PH compensation and temperature compensation.
  • Communicating function: RS-485 communication function and 4-20mA adopt photoelectric isolation technology. 
  • with automatic cleaning function, use running water to cleaning device.
  • Automatic identification of PH standard solution and capable for factory reset.
  • Watchdog function: make sure the instrument does not crash.
  • Power off protection>10 years.

Free Chlorine Analyser & Residual Chlorine Meter

  • Measuring range: HOCL 0-10.00mg/l, residual chlorine:0-20.00 mg/l, PH:0-14 PH, temperature: 0~60℃
  • Resolution:0.001mg/l, 0.01mg/l, 0.01ph, 0.1
  • Accuracy: better than ±1% or ±0.01% mg/l, ±1% or ±0.01%mg/l, ±0.02PH, ±0.5℃
  • Automatic/manual PH compensation function (0-14) and temperature compensation function (0-60℃).
  • Control interface: two groups of ON/off relay contacts are divided into upper and lower limit alarm control.
  • Automatic cleaning interface: a set of automatic cleaning control points, cleaning time 0-9999 seconds, interval time 0-9999 minutes.
  • 4-20mA output: two current output, photoelectric isolation protection, improve anti-interference capability, 4-20mA output.
  • 485 interface: Optoelectronic isolation output, support the internet of things(MODBUS protocol partial compatibility )
  • Relay: the relay hysteresis is arbitrarily set, relay load 3A 220VAC
  • Working conditions: Ambient temperature is 0~60°C, relative humidity ≤90%.
  • Working voltage: 220VAC ±10%, 50/60hz or DC24V and DC12V.
  • Size:96x96x168mm
  • Weight: 0.9Kg
  • Protection level: IP65 waterproof, dust-proof and damp-proof