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Usage: water quality
Power: Electronic
Brand Name: NOBOTECH
Warranty: one year
weight: 0.4kg
Model Number: NS-CL128
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Product Introduction 
Digital residual chlorine sensor is a new generation of intelligent water quality monitoring sensor which is researched and developed by our Company. Using advanced non-membrane constant voltage sensor no need to change the membrane and medicament. Stable performance, easy maintenance, sUpport to check the data, debugging and maintenance by mobile APP or computer. with many features, such as, high sensitive, quick respons, exact measurement, high stability, excellent repeatability, easy maintenance and multi -functions and so on. It can measure the residual chlorine in liquid exactly. It is widely used to online monitor and control the residual chlorine content in liquid. Such as, circulating water, swimming pool, drinking water plant, hospital waste water, water quality treatment project ect.

Digital Ph Sensor Digital constant voltage residual free chlorine sensor electrode
Main Fearture
  • Digital Conductivity sensor, Output RS485 signal directly
  • High accuracy, high stability, strong anti-jamming
  • It can connect to computer, PLC and other equipment which has Rs485/4-20mA signal interface to collect data and maintenance without instrument. It is convenient for users to integrate sensors into industrial control environment, Such as, Upper computer system and the internet of things.
  • by using the mobile phone app, the sensor can be collected, debugged and maintained by the wireless network (such as wifig / GPRS) or wired network ( OTG line and 485 / USB module)
  • the sensor can be set up by RS485 communication, slave address, baud rate,online calibration, Recoverable factory setting, 4-20ma output range(4-20mA is optional ), coeffcient of proportionality and incremental compensation
  • Using two-point calibration method
  • Power off protection10 years  
Technical Parameters
  • Measuring range:  0-20.00 mg/L(ppm)
  • Accuracy:±1% or ±0.01 mg/L
  • 485 interface:Support to the internet of things (MODBUS Protocol partial compatibility)
  • Working condation:Environmental temperature 0-60℃
  • Input impedance:≥11012Ω
  • Output load:4-20mA  load 750Ω(Optional )
  • Working voltage:  5V or DC 12V
  • Protection grade:IP68
  • Size: 20*270mm