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Brand Name: HCATM
Accuracy: 10mm
Material: 304
Measuring range: 35m
display color: LCD
Model Number: GML801-C
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Product Features

1. the intelligent radar level meter uses advanced microwave processing technology and unique Echo Discovery echo processing technology. the product can be applied to various complicated working conditions.
2. "False Echo Learning" function enables the meter to accurately identify true echoes under multiple false echo conditions, thereby obtaining accurate measurement results.
3. A variety of process connection methods and types of detection components can be customized according to customer needs.
4. Using pulse working mode, the product's transmitting power is extremely low, and it can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers without harming the human body and the environment.  

Technical parameters   

 Applicable medium  Liquid
 Range  0~35m
 Frequency  6.8GHz
 Antenna  PTFE
 Precision <±1%FS
 Process temperature  -40℃~+150℃
 Process pressure  -0.1MPa~2.0MPa
 Output  4~20mA/HART/RS-485 Modbus
 Power supply  24VDC
 Process connection  Flange 
 Explosion-proof grade  ExiaIICT6Ga/ExdiaIICT6Gb
 Protection level  IP67


304 material highprecision explosionproof stainless steel trumpet radar level transmitter