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Technique: Tempered Glass
Structure: Solid
Shape: Flat
Function: Decorative Glass
Brand Name: YPG


the following example is for you reference.


  SECURITY _Once the glass destroyed, their fragments will stick together with the intermediate film, to avoid personal injur or property damage caused by the glass splash down, and the whole piece of glass is still intact, and may continue to resist the impact and shelter from the storm.
SOUND INSULATION-. Peculiar to laminated glass interlayer structure and PVB film with damping function of sound waves Make laminated glass can effectively control the spread of voice, have good sound insulation effect.
among PVB thin film has a u filter functions. PVB film can absorb at least 99.5% of the UV Special PVB film can also make laminated glass has the transmittance control function prevent dazzle, effective block ultraviolet light.
Decorative Effect- laminated glass placed yunlong paper or printing in all sorts of design of PET film, PVC color film. It car build elegant decorative effect. Has a unique decorative effect of ice to crack glass is also a kind of special applications o laminated glass.
Energy efficiency- Function of PVB film made of architectural laminated glass can effectivel reduce sunlight through, reduce energy consumption of refrigeration. Same thickness, the laminated glass made up of Low dark light transmittance PVB film with stronger heat insulation ability.ColorGlass3821838 5HBT114PVB5HBT








Company Information:

  YPG started in 2002, focusing on the design and research and development of art glass. It has made great contributions to interior decorative glass products, serving many large real estate developers, star hotels, super shopping malls and other business places.
Continue to research and develop the product range, expand the product to the exterior wall decoration, focus on the matching of the facade of famous stores; the image building of super mall; the promotion of the atmosphere space, exhibition, museum and field of high-end office buildings.
with the development of YPG and the strength of the design and R & D team, we have our own "glass service material city", which serves the design units and designers from all over the world, innovates the ever-changing art glass, and promotes the development of art glass industry.
We have been on the road of art, taking glass as the medium, pursuing the direction of characteristic curtain wall, and building a good architectural body of every artistic outer wall...