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Warranty: 3 years
Brand Name: DFJX
Method: Hydraulic Pressure
Processing: Brick Production Line
Condition: New
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Automatic: Yes
Brick Raw Material: Clay
Type: Hollow Block Making Machine


Be Careful& Be Meticulous,High Efficiency&Low Consumption,Pursing Perfection&Satisfying Customers.
Brick Machine Ts Drum Sieving Equipment Sieving Machine

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Testing on Raw materials
 Raw materials for making bricks are including clay,shale,coal gangue,fly ash,tailings, construction waste,river mud,life sludge and so on.Chemical composition analysis,physical property and moisture percent of green bricks are essential actors for whether this kind of raw materials is suitable for making bricks or not. and all these will affect the following steps of process planning,equipment matching,kiln structure,bricks quality and so on.
Overall Planning
A brick factory should be overall planned for storage of raw materials,manufacturing shops,finished product stacking,power control system,office and living facilities,greenbelt and lighting,etc.Based on local situation.
Management Rules
to operate machines according to specification and handbooks,No Overburden!
Put more efforts on training and daliy maintenance for machines.
Regulate enterprise rules and employees' behavior to ensure smooth production.
Formulate company strategy planning and mission.
Structure if kiln
Settle down the kiln structure and relevant equipment according to the process design. Pay attention to raw materials quality for heating engineering and make sure hign quality and output of the kiln.
Choice of equipments
We shall have to choose equipment according to the process design,mainly concerning on the stablization(No problem happens in a certain period,which depends on the texture,strength,structure and fineness for the equipment), progressiveness,service and cost performance.
Process Design
Process design is an overall design for raw materials processing(crushing,ageing),molding,storage of green bricks,drying,sintering,unloading,packing and so on.  

Product Description
It is widely used for screening coal gangue and shale,after screening the size of granule is smaller than 0.3cm. the larger granules will be poured into hammer crusher.
Type/Technical Parameters Processing capacity(m3/h) Motor Power(kw) Appearance Size(LxWxH)/mm Weight(kg)
TS5000x1500 35-50 7.5-6 7350X3500X2000 3500
TS6000x1800 40-60 11-6 8500X3600X2500 4500
TS500x1500X2 60-100 20-6 7200X3760X3450 8200