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Material: Aluminum Alloy
Brand Name: JinWei
Application: Building Facade, Aluminum Cladding, Curtain Wall, Interior Decoration
size: Customized
Type: Continuous Anodizing
Model Number: JWA-1506
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Alloy: 5052-H32
Finish: Satin Finish / Brushed Finish / Embossed Finish / Sand Finish
Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm
Width: 1220mm / 1250mm / 1310mm / 1520mm * C
Anodic Film: 3um-25um
Color: Multiple Color Choices
MOQ: 1 Tonne per color and per finish


5052H32 Anodized Aluminum Coil Anodic Aluminum Sheet for Metal Curtain Wall Materials Ceiling and Cladding Materials

---------- Specification ----------

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:JinWei


Surface Treatment:Coil Anodizing

Finish: Satin Finish / Brushed Finish / Embossed Finish / Sand Finish


Width:1220mm / 1250mm / 1310mm / 1520mm * C

Anodic Film:3um-25um

Color:Multiple Color Choices

Application:Building Facade, Aluminum Cladding, Curtain Wall, Interior Decoration, Column Cover, Metal Ceiling, Aluminum Luggages and Bags, Household Appliance Aluminum Shell Materials

MOQ:1 Tonne per Color and per finish

---------- What is Anodized aluminum? ----------

Anodizing is through the electrochemical method to generate a thick inorganic Oxide layer on the surface of aluminum. while perfectly retain the metallic Texture of aluminum, it also giving a better protection to the metal underlying from physical damage and cheemical corrosion and the oxide layer will not fall off.

Zhaoqing Jinwei Aluminum Profile Co., Ltd. Is one of the few manufacturers of Continuous anodizing production line, and also we introduced batch anodizing Production equipment, to provide clients with a wide range of services.

---------- Benefits of Anodized aluminum ----------

(1) Stain resistance: the Oxide film is easy and safe to clean with solvents, anti-fingerprint ability, No corrosion spot, which results in low maintenance costs.

(2) Durability: the Oxide film protects the metal from corrosion and abrasion over the long term. It is also self-healing if damaged, as the aluminum will naturally create a Protective oxide layer wherever it is exposed to the elements. Anodized Aluminum can be used both indoors and outdoors, it displays excellent long term Resistance to sunlight, performs great longevity.

(3) Aesthetics: the Oxide film is anti-scratching, and surface hardness up to the grade of Sapphire. Anodizing offers a large number of color alternatives, while allowing the metallic appearance of the aluminum to show through, it is a very Cost-effective value compared to other finishing methods.

(4) Environment, health and safety: Anodizing is favorable towards current Environmental regulations because it is one of the most environmentally Friendly industrial processes and is typically not harmful to human health. An Anodized finish is chemically stable, will not decompose, is nontoxic, and is Heat-resistant to the melting point of aluminum. since the anodizing process is A reinforcement of a naturally occurring oxide process, it is non-hazardous and Produces no harmful or dangerous by products. Chemical baths used in the Anodizing process often are reclaimed, recycled, and reused.

(5) Strength and Flexibility: Anodized aluminum allows design professionals to build lighter structures with more stability and greater design flexibility. this can minimize expenditures on foundations and structural support elements, Thereby reducing overall costs and time.

(6) Installation: Easy to install after shaping.

We supply anodized aluminum coil and sheet for metal facade, metal ceiling, Exterior wall, interior wall, aluminum bags and suitcase, etc.

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