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Brand Name: CETC
Color: White
mesh size: 2492*1050*1274
Mesh wire diameter: 1050
Geotextile: wooden box
Model Number: BVE-6040D
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Tunnel Size :: 606 (W) x 402 (H) [mm]
Conveyor Speed :: 0.2m/s; Option 0.2 to 0.4 m/s (adjustable with frequency converter)
Conveyor Height: Approx. 662 mm
Max. Conveyor Load: 160 kg
Resolution (wire recognition): 40 AWG (Typical)
Penetration (steel): 38 mm (Typical); 34 mm (Standard)
Duty Cycle: 100 %


Image generating System

Monitor: 2 sets 21.5'' Flat Panel LED Monitor

X-ray Converter: L-shaped multi-energy high-sensitivity detector line

Grey Level:65536

Mage Presentation :B/W, color

Digital Video Memory:1920 x 1080 / 24 bit

Image Evaluation Function:C-AD, C-TIP, O2, OS, Alarm Function, Review, Fault Self-diagnosis and Maintenance Functions,  Image Navigation, System Working Timing, User Management, Emergency Stop, Working Status Display, Zoom up to 64 times, Date & Time Display, High Density Alarm, Image Magnification Display, Luggage Counting, Network Interface, One-key Shutdown, Self-check Power-on, Save and Retrieval, Ultra-thin Scanning, System on& X-Ray Emission Timing, Bi-directional scanning, Image Identification Training, Energy-saving, Free Programmable Keys.

Additional Features

Printer, UPS, Entry& exit plates, Video monitoring system, Power stabilizer, LED notification bar, Speaker, Voice recorder, Bar-code, etc.

Dual view xray baggage scanner