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Brand Name: Ming Xiao
Thickness: 0.1-8mm
material: aluminum
color: silver
Type: OEM
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Custom Anodized Aluminum Plates with Good Quality

We specialize in  more than 20 years,have been customed many kinds of sheet metal stamping & puched parts for different industries.

Providing relavent processes such as punching,bending,cutting,shearing,riveting,spinning,welding,deep drawing,etc.

Custom Qualified Aluminum Sheet Metal Stamping Parts
China metal stamping Factory

Have custom many kinds of metal stamping parts,such as sheet metal stamping clamps, metal seals, sheet metal brackets, sheet metal holder,console cover,sheet metal frames,spring clip, steel plates,shelf,Square/ Rectangular washers, metal stamped PCBA front Panel, pressed-in hole parts by PEM studs,nuts & fasteners, screw and pin welded stamping parts,mounted stamping parts, electronic mounting sheet plates, copper terminal connectors, and all metal stamping parts.

Custom Qualified Aluminum Sheet Metal Stamping Parts
Sheet Metal Stamping China

Die Stamping is the forming process of the workpiece (stamping part) by applying external force to the plate, strip, pipe and profile by press and die to produce plastic deformation or separation. Stamping and forging belong to moulding processing (or pressure machining). the stamping raw materials are mainly hot rolled and cold-rolled steel plates and steel strips.

Custom Qualified Aluminum Sheet Metal Stamping PartsWe have more than 50 sets different tonnages conventional punches (stamping machines) from 5 tons 320 tons, can produce max dimensions with 800mm*600mm sheet metal stamping parts, and the sheet parts thickness from 0.1mm 8mm of carbon steel or brass, 3mm for stainless steel.

in addition to cold stamping, we also have high frequency heating machines that can provide hot forging services, and has welding machines, riveting machines, polishing machine,etc. Multiple equipments can support us to produce more complex structure hardware products.

Stamping die Specifications:
Mould steel DC53,SKD11,SKH9,Cr12,45#Steel, WC
Mould style Single-station dies, Multi-station dies, Progresssive dies,Deep Drawing Dies
Finshing Operations Forming, Bending,Deburring, Tapping
Mould Accuracy 0.003mm-0.005mm
Advantages: High precision, fast stamping speed, saving labor and material costs
Tips: All products of the company support non-standard customization, a variety of material specifications are available.

We are also have 6 sets different sizes  machines, can produce small metal stampings with high speed and low prices. Suitable to high volume metal stamping components.

We are professional  from China Ningbo, we have produced many kinds of anodized aluminum plates or sheets for foreign customers with 15 years experiences, If you are interest in our custom metal stamping services, welcome send your design and requirements to us, we shall work a more competitive price for you.