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Coil Number: Autotransformer
Coil Structure: Toroidal
Phase: Three
Usage: Electronic
Brand Name: TYC
Model Number: TY-562
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


3 Phase Power Turn Ratio Tester Transformer TTR Meter

II Performance

1.       Measurable Type coupling transformer.

2.       2 output Voltage can be choosen,   large  no-load current transformer can be measured.

3.       Wide range, Ratio can reach max 10000.

4.       Calculate Tap position automatically.

5.       Fast Speed, three-phase 18 seconds.

6.       Great Repeatability, data is automatically saved and store up to 99.

7.       Flexible Data processing, It can be retrieved, print, transferred to U disk, and delete, Upload the PC.

8.        transformer short-circuit, turn-to-turn short Circuit protection function. If there is a short circuit, the LCD screen will Display the corresponding English hint information. The whole test process can Be completely controlled by the upper computer and the data can be saved.

9.       Built-in Instruction for use, look up  at any Time.

10.     Small volume ,   a little bigger than A4 paper.

11.     Light Weight 6.9 kg.

III   Technical parameter

Ratio measuring range:      0.810000
Group measuring range:      112
Ratio measuring accuracy:         0.1 class (180V: 0.8200)

0.2 class (180V: 200-1000)

                        0.5 class (180V: 100010000)

0.2 class (10V: 0.8100)

Resolution:                                                       0.0001
Instrument power input:      220V±10% , 50Hz±1Hz

Working temperature:          -20℃40℃

Relative humidity:          ≤85%, no condensation

Instrument dimension:      325mm280mm190mm

N.W:          6.9kg