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Brand Name: wenzhouhuanting
Feature: Disposable,Eco-Friendly
Pest Control Type: Traps
Pest Type: Mice
FACTORY AUDIT: Happy Family Pest Control


Plastic Small Mouse Trap Mouse Clip ManufacturerProduct parameter
Product name: Small plastic mouse trap
Product model: M610
Material quality: PS+ steel wire
Product specifications: 11.2*4.8*5.6cm
Weight: 47.3G
Initial clamping force: 0.6KG
Maximum elasticity: 0.8KGS
Firing sensitivity: 10~15G
Suitable for rodents: small mice, can be used indoors and outdoors

1. It is compact and does not occupy space, and can be placed flexibly
2. Easy to use, just press the tail to work
3. the mechanism is sensitive, 10~15G can be fired. the success rate of trapping rats is 98%
4. the sawtooth structure of the upper and lower plates increases the bite force to prevent escape
5. the open bait hole on the upper cover can safely place bait
6. the bait piece imitates the cheese scent and increases the attracting power of mice
7. There is a fixing hole at the end, which can be nailed to fix the mouse clip to prevent it from being displaced
8. the plastic material is easy to wash and can be used twice, and the cost of trapping is low
9. the product can be marked with LOGO, can be processed by OEM, and the packaging can be customized

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