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Usage: Impact Testing Machine
Power: Electronic
Brand Name: ASTM
Warranty: 12 months
weight: 100KG
Model Number: XJ-50D


XJ50D Digital Display Charpy and Izod Impact Testing Machine


XJ-50D digital display Charpy and Izod combined Impact testing Machine used to measure plastic, enhance nylon, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramic, and cast stone, plastic appliances, insulating materials and nonmetal material impact toughness. this tester can be used for research agencies, universities and colleges, nonmetallic material factory and other units or the inspection department for the laboratory experiment.

the machine adopts circular grating angle measuring technology, the digital measurement of material in a thrust in the process of absorbing energy and material impact strength, and have full energy loss detection and correction function. with high precision, good stability, large measurement range and other features, is a fully digital pendulum impact testing machine

It correspond these standards: ISO179, ISO180, GB/T1043, GB1834, JB/T8761, ASTM D256, ISO9854 and so on.

Charpy impact:

1. Impact speed: 2.9m/s, 3.8m/s;

2. Pendulum energy: 1J, 2J, 4J, 5J, 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J;

3. the distance between pendulum center and sample center: 221mm, 380mm;

4. Pendulum angle: 160°;

5. Pendulum torque:  Pd1=0.5155N.M      Pd2=1.0311N.M           

               Pd4=2.0622N.M      Pd5=2.5777N.M       

               Pd7.5=3.8662N.M     Pd15=7.7324N.M

               Pd25=12.8888N.M     Pd50=25.777N.M

6. Jaw length: 85mm

7. Clamp mouth supporting spacing: 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 95mm;

8. Supporting blade fillet radius: R=1mm;

9. Impact blade Angle: 30°;

10. Impact blade fillet radius: R=2mm;

11.Sample type size, supporting spacing(Unit: mm);

Sample type




Supporting distance









11h or 13h

10 or 15t



6h or 8h

A. the specimen dimensions (thicknessh, widthb and lengthl) are defined byH<b<l.

B. Specimen types 2 and 3 shall be only for materials described in 6.3.2 (ISO 179-1)

C. 10mm for materials reinforced with a fine structure, 15mm for those with a large stitch structure. (see in ISO 179-1)

D. Preferred thickness. If the specimen is cut from a sheet or a piece,h shall be equal to the thickness of the sheet or piece, up to 10.2mm. (see in ISO 179-1)

Izod Impact:

1. Impact speed: 3.5m/s;

2. Pendulum energy: 1J, 2.75J, 5.5J, 11J, 22J;

3. Pendulum angle: 160°;

4. the distance between pendulum center and sample center: 322mm;

5. Pendulum torque: Pd1=0.5155N.M      Pd2.75=1.4177N.M

                  Pd5.5=2.8355N.M     Pd11=5.6711N.M


6. Impact blade to the nip plane distance: 22mm;

7. Blade fillet radius: R=0.8mm;

8. Type of sample according to GB1843-2008 and ISO180-2000;