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Type: Floor Heating Systems
Brand Name: sinolanc
Floor Heating Part Type: capillary tube mats
Material: polypropylene
Application: floor/wall radiant heating system
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Length: 600mm~8000mm
Width: 400mm~1000mm
Distributor pipe: 20x2mm
Capillary pipe: 4.3x0.8mm
Distance between capillaries: 10mm, 20mm, 15mm, 40mm
Color: blue


Supplier of Capillary Mats with Heat Pump Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Capillary Tube Mats System Introduction: 

Sinolanc capillary tube mat is made of pure and highly recyclable polypropylene(It is made of Polypropylene- high quality, environmentally friendly and safe plastic with excellent physical characteristics). It consists of plastic tubes with an external diameter of only 4.3mm and two collection pipes with diameter of 20mm. the mats are supplied in lengths of 1m to 12.0m and variable widths up to 1.0m.

Installation Case:
with the features of  thin, soft, flexibility, small load, convenient installation, the capillary tube mats can be installed on the surface of ceiling wall, floor, or under the surface decorative materials.  Sinolanc capillary tube mats are used in new buildings and refurbishment of various types of buildings.


Ceiling with plaster heating/cooling;

Metal ceiling panels heating/cooling;

Ceilings with plasterboard finish heating/cooling;

Incorporation of water capillary mats in concrete and reinforced concrete ceiling panels heating/cooling;

Walls with plaster or plasterboard finish heating/cooling;

Floor heating;

Groundwater geothermal collectors;

Non-standard use (use in greenhouses, swimming pools, various surface heating/cooling)

Production Workshop Display:

Introduction of Germany the most advanced production line equipment.
Top level of precision/ Unique welding technology/High speed and production.  

Every single product is subjected to an intensive quality control, before it leaves the Sinolanc factory. 

Capillary Tube Mats with Heat Pump Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

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1. Professional manufacturer of capillary tube mats in China for 17 years 

2. Multiple production lines with production capacity at 10000square meters per day. 

3. European distributors and installers can provide fast delivery and technical support. 

4. Quality guaranteed with ISO, CE, ROHS certificates