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Type: Non-Asbestos Fiber Cement Boards
Feature: Perforated
Brand Name: PEAKON Board
color: off-white
Size: 2440*1220
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)



(1)Incombustibility/Non-flammability:Calcium silicate board is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade A standard (GB8624 Grade A) with excellent fire resistance property. in case of fire, the board will not burn and not give off toxic smoke. 

(2)Thermal/heat insulation:Owing to low heat conductivity, the product has good performances on keeping warm and heat insulation.

(3)Water-proofing and moistureproof:the product is allowed to long-term exposure to moist environment but still very stable. the board still keeps intact after being soaked in water for one month, the phenomenon of swelling and out of shape will not happen. It has good adjusting mechanics like woods. Even it is used on wash house.

(4)Endurance/durability:Calcium silicate board provides good insulation against bugs, fungus and corrosion. It can last for a long time and will not corrode.

(5)Noise-proofing:Calcium silicate board provides good insulation against noise.

(6)High-Strength and Light weight:the board is light weight, in this case, it can decrease weight of building greatly. At the same time, the material is high-stength and not easy to be damaged.

(7)Easiness to installation:the construction process does not require complicated tools but just the ones used in regular wood construction. Our board can be fixed on light steel frame with self-attachable screws or a glue gun to nail the bolts into the wooden frame.

(8)Environmental protection:Calcium silicate board is 100% free of asbestos fiber and will not cause any harm to human body or the environment.

A1 class noncombustible moistureproof fiber cement board



*under normal circumstances, Peakon plates for the partition wall should be laid from the bottom to the top, with a longitudinal arrangement,ie the palte should fall on the vertical keel. When the platesare docked, they must be naturally close and cannot be pressed.
*If the requirement for fireproof and sound insulation is not strict, then the seam don't need to be staggered; otherwise the seam should be staggered,that is,the seam cannot fall on the same keel.
*If the height of the wall seal plate is more than 35000mm, the vertical joint of the upper and lower plates should also be staggered.
*If the wall seal plate is double deck, the seam should be staggered too.
*When the ceiling is installed on the top on the window or door, the seam cannot be fall on the door's or window's keel, so as to avoid the crack of the slabs due to the frequent opening of the doors and windows.

the steps of paltes installation and Fixing
*Cutting palte and drilling according to drawings or actual conditions.
*Normally, both sides of the Peakon plate(2440mm) have been shaved. the edges on the other side(1220mm) are straight. If there is no chamfering onth edge of the palte, or when the wall is higher than 2440mm, the edge of the plate must be beveled on the spot IR a plate with four sides beveled should be ordered before, in order to better handle the joint.
*the elastic line is marked with the fixed point of the board, and the hole is pulled out at the same time(the aperture is slightly larger than the screw head by 1-2mm and the hole depth is 1-2mm),so as to facilitate the screw head to sink into the panel.the fixed point is 15mm away from the edge of the plate,50mm from the angle of the plate,and the spacing between the fixed points is 200-250mm.
*When fixing the Peakon plate, the plate and keel shall be pre-drilled(if high-strength self-tapping screws are used,pre-drilling is not required),and the aperture is 1 mm smaller than the screw diameter.
*Peakon plate is fixed with self-tapping screws,and it should be fixed from the middle of the plate to the periphery, all the screw heads should sink into the plate surface by 1mm.




*Passive Fire Protection Board System
*Fire Proofing
*for External Wall & Ceiling
*for Internal Wall, Partition & Ceiling
*the Decorative applications
*the Sub-roof board
*the Underlay board for Floor and Wall tile
*Heating Insulation for commercial and industrial
*Air Hose
*Wrapping Electric Wire



Company Information:
Peakon is a privately held Chinese company founded in 2011 in Dongxing, China. CEO purchased German advanced equipment & technology and quickly recognized Peakon to be an innovative material for passive fire protection in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Building industry and envisioned how this unique product could solve many fire protection issues in other industries in China. The main product is 100% non-asbestos fire prevention board, low density & medium density fiber cement board, calcium silicate board,other high-tech energy-saving environmental protection board.

Peakon has since matured into a globally recognized ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE & SGS certified provider of passive fire protection systems with tested and listed designs to solve most fire protection issues. Peakon has developed many fire protection solutions and now holds Chinese patents for a wide range of systems for use in the fire protection industry.

Peakon has developed many unique passive fire protection systems for some of the world's most valuable assets. through our commitment to research and development and to continuous improvement, Peakon has gained the trust of our clients for protecting people and property worldwide. Peakon boards are widely exported to USA, Southeast Asia, UAE, Middle East and African.



Q1.What is your MOQ,Can we order mixing different sizes?
A: Sure, normally the MOQ of each size is 120ft container but for your testing quality we can accept small/sample order for different sizes

Q2.Which port can you support?
A: Fangcheng Port or any other China port you need. If provided destination port, CFR and CIF can be quoted for your reference.

Q3. What's your delivery time of your products?
A: Usually it takes about 10-15days after receiving the advance payment to send out the goods by sea or air.

Q4. Can we print logo or other mark on the product?
A: Yes,please send your design to us.

Q5. how can you guarantee our business in safe?
A: You can use the Alibaba Trade Assurance for your payment and we can sign business contract for your safety.

Q6. Do you have after sale service?
A: Yes,after sale service 24h7.

Q7. What are the advantages of your board?
A: Outstanding light weight,heat insulation,waterproof,fireproof,sound insulation,fast construction.

Q8. Do you have any certificate to help us get government's approval?
A: CE certificate, SGS certificate and China testing report and our laboratory's testing data etc. by ourselves as your supporting document. Because building standards are different in different countries, most of our customers buy the boards for testing and get approval by themselves.

Q9. If we need samples for customer approval, will it be possible?
A: of course we can. to guarantee the quality?
A: Laboratory,integral testing process from raw materials to finished product till loading containers will be done by our factory.