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Brand Name: AAK hydraulic valve
Temperature of Media: High Temperature
Material: metal
Pressure: High Pressure
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard


It took 3 months and 6 proofing adjustments to match the sample quality of hydraulic pressure control valve made in Germany. Finally, AAK passed the parameter test of hydraulic pressure control valve, and Our hydraulic pressure control valve was affirmed by Eaton's company. We became Eaton's first supplier for hydraulic pressure control valve in China.


in MID October last year, an agent of Eaton came to AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE and brought a sample of Eaton hydraulic pump with a Purchase value of more than US$150,000.00, asking us to make a quotation. after We checked the product parameter requirements of the artwork, we declined the Quotation because AAK is only good at hydraulic valve products. Compared with Its domestic peers, most of the technologies of AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE were in TOP 1-6. We thought Eaton agent would not consider us again. however, after a Month, he came again and brought a Vickers Series solenoid valve with a value of up to US$200,000.00. We directly said that we are not good at this kind of Products and couldn't quote.


Eaton agent saw that we rejected the products that AAK is not good for 2 times, he felt that AAK is different from other hydraulic Valve manufacturers, and recognized the professionalism of AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE. for the 3rd time, he brought a sample of pilot hydraulic pressure control valve with very high precision and wanted to test the parameters with our pressure Test bench. I realized that Eaton agent actually wanted to test our pressure Test bench with his samples. It was the first time for us to encounter such a Situation, the purchaser did not test the quality of AAK hydraulic valve, but Tested the equipment producing hydraulic valves first.


Being satisfied with our pressure test bench, he Asked if we were interested in this pilot hydraulic pressure control valve, Which was a hydraulic pressure control valve produced in Germany. after Learning the parameters of the hydraulic pressure control valve in detail, AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE technical team discussed the artwork of the hydraulic pressure Control valve. We were 90% sure to match the quality of this hydraulic pressure Control valve produced in Germany.


More than 20 days later, we sent the first approval sample of the hydraulic pressure control valve. the sample comments was that there was Still a 12% difference between the accuracy of AAK hydraulic pressure control Valve and that of German hydraulic pressure control valve. We were required to Send the revised sample again. The whole proofing and approving process have Been bumpy, the parameters were continuously required to be improved. The Samples have been adjusted for 6 times, finally, it met the quality of the German hydraulic pressure control valve after 3 months.


since its establishment in 2006, AAK has always put Technological innovation, high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment in the first place. AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has many high-precision imported CNC Lathes and honing machines, as well as many small AAK designed fixtures and Assembled special processing equipment. Each equipment has operation Instructions to eliminate human errors. At the same time, we have also Undertaken many hydraulic valve orders from global TOP 500 enterprises such as HydraForce. In Ningbo, it is difficult to find the 2nd such hydraulic valve manufacturer.


AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE, focused on only one thing, is committed to the research and development of hydraulic valve and produce good quality hydraulic Valve. You can also try a small order.

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