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Dimensions: 500*500*500
Material: Iron
Application: CNC machine centre
Brand Name: Jinggong
Type: Industry
Model Number: 015
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Cast Iron Box Table / Box Cube used as a workholding device to clamp and hold workpieces in the vertical position and as a vertical reference for inspection and tooling purposes in workshop machining processes such as shaping, planing, boring, milling, grinding and drilling, etc. They are also used to clamp motors, engines, transmissions etc. To carry out the assembly, tests, or inspections. Especially they are widely used to clamp workpieces on horizontal boring mills or drilling presses. with its multiple clamping surfaces, the box cube can clamp multiple workpieces on its different clamping surfaces, reducing the time spent on setting up of workpieces.


the types of tables / cubes are available as being T-slotted, elongated-hole-slotted and tapped with threaded holes. the designs of these tables / cubes are always customized as per their actual applications.


the tables / cubes are made of gray cast iron GG-20, GG-25 or GG-30, which display good abrasion resistance, tensile strength and mechanical properties.


the flatness accuracy machined to  and T-slots machined to .



Sizes of cubes are as per customer's request. Any sizes can be provided, including very large heavy duty cubes used as workholding device for floor type milling and boring machines.
cast iron box square table