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Application: Crimping
Material: Carbon Steel
Type: Diagonal Pliers
Brand Name: Changzhi Tools
Surface Treatment: Steel


1. Before use, we must first check whether the screws of each part of the cable cutter are loose or not. Once found, it cannot be used temporarily. When using it, we need to separate the two rods of the cable cutter to the greatest extent, just as we usually use it. Then the power seat is automatically opened to rotate freely. At this time, it should be noted that it must not exceed the scope of use.

2. after the preparations are completed, we need to adjust the mouth of the cable cutter, which is the position of the scissors, and we need to discharge the cut cable or other cables to the position of the mouth of the scissors. When adjusting, keep in mind that the position of the scissors should be kept about the same size, and the movement should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the final cut.

3. the last step is to perform the cutting action. the two hands that bring the closing power are exerting force in the middle at the same time, and then the cable can be cut.

4. after completing the required operations of the whole work, in order to ensure the performance and service life of the cable shears, we need to maintain the cable shears. Just wipe it after use, then apply grease on the surface and put it in a clean and dry place.

Changzhi Tools Thread Trimming Mechanical Cable Breaker