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Brand Name: Tronco
Material: steel
Type: Fitting Assembly
Name: Power Accessories
Finish: new


Power Accessories Galvanized Steel Cable Fittings Clamp OpgwADSS Fitting Assembly
the helical formed wire inner and outer layer components are designed to transfer axial tensile loads and distribute radial compressive forces over the surface in contact with the OPGW to minimize effects on the central core and internal optical fibers. the inside of inner and outer rods covered with silicon carbide, increasing frictional force and damping effects. Minimum holding strength of dead-end set not less than 95% RTS of cable. Excellent anti-fatigue characteristic. the installation is convenient, no special tools needed.

the suspension set provides superior cable and fiber protection at the support point. the combination of Structural reinforcing rods, Outer rods, boltless housing and resilient Insert reduces compression, clamping and bending stresses on cable. Negative weather related cable motion, such as Aeolian vibration, galloping, and wind sway are also minimized. The insert for resistance to ozone attack, weathering, extreme high and low temperature variations. An aluminum alloy reinforcement is molded into the elastomer. The slip load of suspension set can reach approximate 14-20% of OPGW rated strength to offer sufficient holding strength for OPGW.
to avoid the surface of OPGW damaged by vibration damper clamp, the armor rods are assembled together with damper on OPGW.
the weights of vibration damper are different, small one and large one. this type damper has 4 resonant frequencies from 6HZ to 120HZ, allowing the dampers to be effective across a much wider frequency range than standard Stockbridge dampers. Connection weights with messenger cable by glue, offering better damper effectiveness and working life. 

the shell is made of high density aluminum alloy the jointing parts and fixing parts are made of high quality stainless steel and cast steel Repeated used, easy to re-joint and expand capacity Installed on tower or pole alternative Good mechanical, sealing and anti-corrosion performance Straight through or branched splice application, has 1 in 1 out, 1 in 2 out, 2 in 2 out function.