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Brand Name: Lumiao
Micro Machining or Not: Micro Machining
Material Capabilities: Aluminum,Brass,Bronze,Copper,Hardened Metals,Precious Metals,Stainless Steel,Steel Alloys
Type: Broaching,Drilling,Etching / Chemical Machining,Milling,Rapid Prototyping
CNC Machining or Not: CNC Machining
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Material: PEEK
ODM/OEM: accept
Certificated: ISO9001:2015
Technology: CNC milling
MOQ: 1pcs



Offering PEEK precision machining services for over 16 years. We can integrate different processing methods depending on the industry and the purpose. Our machinery is capable of tolerances of +/-0.01mm. We can produce complex and accurate prototypes very quickly and our prices are excellent.

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a thermoplastic material with excellent thermal and chemical resistant properties.

PEEK parts are stronger and stiffer than most plastics and lighter than most metals, with outstanding resistance to abrasion and dynamic fatigue. As a result, it is a good material for replacing metal in many industries, like aerospace, medical, and oil, and gas.

Please contact our sales and technical teams to learn about how we can provide quality PEEK plastic machining services at a fair and competitive price.

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