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Shape: Ball
Structure: Double Convex
Usage: Optical
Material: Glass
Brand Name: LANO


Product Description
Sapphire/Glass/ Quartz/ Ruby
Diameter tolerance
Surface Quality
60/40 scratch and dig


Material: Optical glass,fused silica,Silicon, Germanium,CaF2, MgF2, Sapphire, ZnSe, ZnS
Diameter: 0.2~500mm
Diameter tolerance: +0/-0.02mm
Sphericity: ±0.02mm
Surface Quality:10-5

Ball Lenses are usually made with relatively small diameters of a few Millimeters or sometimes even less than 1 mm. Particularly for such Small dimensions, they are easier to fabricate than lenses with Traditional designs.Another variant areHALF BALL LENSES, which are obtained simply by cutting ball lenses in half.


  • Ball lenses are used in optical fibers and fiber-to-fiber coupling.
  • in miniature optics with applications like barcode scanning, as objective lenses in endoscopy and for optical sensors.
  • There are also microscope objectives  which have a hyperhemisphere  as the first lens.
about Us

LANO PHOTONICS Co., Ltd. Is A high-tech enterprise focusing on industrial vision and automation Technology, focusing on machine vision and vision robot application System integration solutions. since it established, the company has been Focusing on the promotion and innovation of machine vision and image Processing technology, aiming to solve the problems in industrial Production for customers.

Focusing on machine vision technology, telecentric optical technology, and Visual robot technology applications, we provide customer service for Automated intelligent manufacturing.

after years of development, through continuous innovation, the company has explored a series of Professional technologies in the direction of optical imaging systems, Image processing algorithms, integrated vision system solutions, and Industrial robot vision applications, and developed the core of the Visual industry chain. the industrial vision series products meet the Testing requirements of the appearance quality of industrial products in the production process.

the company adheres to the People-oriented, attracts and condenses a group of professionals in the Fields of image processing, machine vision, robot control and automation Equipment, and has accumulated valuable human resources for the Development of the company. the company's existing research and Development personnel involved in mechanical and electrical integration, Mechanical design and manufacturing, automation control, computer Information technology and other majors, master's degree or above Accounted for more than 28%.

LANO cooperates with CIOMP to Establish a joint engineering R&D center, forms a technological Breakthrough, transforms the results of production, study and research.
the Strategic cooperation between enterprises and CIOMP can share the Advantages of both parties and the resources can be complemented to a Large extent. Our company adheres to the concept of combine R&D Production.

the company will continue to make full use of the Talents and technological advantages of CIOMP, carry out joint technical Research, build laboratories, research institutes and other Three-dimensional cooperation, and promote the discipline construction and application-oriented personnel training.
Optical Ball Lens for Imaging Optical Fiber Sensor

Q1:Are you a factory?
A: Yes, we're a professional optical glass factory with more than 10 years experience.

Q2: What products can I get from your company?
A: Optical lenses, prisms, filters, protective windows ect. Details please contact us.

Q3: how will you control your quality?
A: Our QC will check the lens surface accuracy and  quality during the product progress every step, and also our final QC
Will test the surface quality, flatness, coating, tolerance for every lens after processing.

Q4: What is your test instruments?
A: Our test instruments include the spherical interferometer,  Zygo,  plano interferometer, Collimatot, Goniometer,
Trioptics Lens Measurement system, Lambda900 Spectrophotometer.

Q5: What's the MOQ?
A: the MOQ is 10pcs.

Q6: how can I get a sample?
A: Contact us for detailed requests on samples and we'll arrange them accordingly.

Q7: What's the delivery date?
A: Normally it takes 4-5 weeks.