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Use: Light steel villa
Material: Lightweight steel keel
MOQ: 1 building
house: Villa
Model Number: LSSH01
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Structure Type: Light Portal Frame Structure
Wall and Roof: Sandwich Panel or Customerized
Ceiling: OSB+Gypsum Board+Putty or Customerized
Color: Customerized
Specification: Customization
Lifetime: More Than 70 Years
Window: Double Glass Alunimun Alloy Window or Customerized
Advantage: Easy Install Eco-Friendly
Installation: Provide Full of Drawing
Keywords: Prefab Light Steel Villa House


Light Steel Prefab House

Product description:

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier that is concerned with the design, development, and production of Light Steel Structure Houses.
to provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.
1. Customer First
the interests of our community of users and paying members must be our first priority.
2. Teamwork
We expect our employees to collaborate as a team in pursuit of our shared mission. We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.
3. Embrace Change
We operate in a fast-evolving industry. We ask our employees to maintain flexibility, continue to innovate, and adapt to new business conditions and practices.
4. Integrity
Integrity is at the heart of our business. We expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on their commitments.
5. Passion
Our employees are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude towards their work and never give up doing what they believe is right.
6. Commitment
We expect our employees to demonstrate professionalism and continuously strive for excellence.

1) Size is customized, and designed according to requirements.
2) Service life is up to 15 years.
3) Cost-effective, the average price is from USD 60/sqm to USD 120/sqm.
4) Fast construction, from production to finishing the installation, only need several months.
5) Green and Environmental, energy-saving, anti-fire, anti-earthquake, waterproof, steel corrosive

6) Higher reliability of steelwork.
7) Steel structure for a higher degree of industrialization.
8) Steel can be assembled quickly and accurately.
9) Large steel interior space.
10) Likely to cause the sealing structure.
11) Poor fire-resistant steel, rEcyclable steel.
12) Steel shorter duration.
Insulation material:
Glass insulation cotton is uSed in the wall system and roof system as Insulation material.
XPS is uSed in the wall system and roof system as Insulation material.
Building paper iSolates the moisture; mainly used in the wall System and the connection of wall keel and cement floor.
House wrap is used to let the inside moisture out and Protect the inner space from the humidity Outside. Used in the wall system.
Downspout: PVC gutter and Steel gutter  
Boards: Gypsum board is uSed in the inner wall, and floor.
Cement fiber board
Wood floor
Feature of lightweight steel house:
1)Using the efficient light thin-walled profile, light-weight, high strength, small occupied area.
2)Components for automation, continuous, high precision production, product specification seriation, standard, form a complete set to change.
3)Structure design, detail design, computer simulation, factory, construction site installation, etc. 
4)Profile after galvanizing, coating, and anticorrosion, a nice appearance is beneficial to reduce palisade and decorate costs.
5)Easy to expand the column spacing and provide greater space, can reduce the height and increase the building area.
6)Wide scope of application of new wall materials, extensive use of daylighting, ventilated condition is good.
7)Indoor plumbing electrical line all hidden in the walls and floors, flexible layout, modify convenience.
8)House can move, all materials can be recycled will not result in waste, in accordance with the sustainable development strategy. 
Why Choose Light Gauge Steel Structure?
1) Lifetime for structure: 100 years.(0.75~1.2mm, Z275galvanized steel profile, strength:550Mpa )
2) Earthquake resistance: mix more than 8 grades.
3) Wind resistance:max 60m/s.
4) Fire resistance: All the materials used can be fire-resistant.
5) Snow resistance: Max 2.9KN/m2as required.
6) Heat insulation:100 mm in thickness can match 1 m thickness of a brick wall.
7) High acoustic insulation: 60db of exterior wall 40db of the interior wall.
8) Insect prevention: Free from the damage by insects, such as white ants.
9) Ventilation: A combination of natural ventilation or air supply to keep the indoor air fresh and clean.
10) Packing and delivery: 140SQM/ 40'HQ container for structure only and 90SQM/ 40'HQ container for structure with decorative materials.
11) Installation: the average is one worker one day to install one SQM.
12) Installation guide: Dispatch engineer to guide on site. 
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