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Classification: Sulphate
Brand Name: /
Appearance: white granular
Purity: 98%
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
CAS No.: 10102-17-7
Type: Sodium Thiosulfate
Application: Water treatment,
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


Quick Details:

     CAS No.: 10102-17-7                                     

     Other Names: sodium thiosulphate                            

     MF: Na2S2O3*5H2O

     Place of Origin: Hebei, China                         

     Grade Standard:Industrial Grade                                

     Purity: 99% 

     Appearance: colorless crystal                        

     Application: photographic fixing agent

  Sodium Thiosulfate Uses:

  • in the photosensitive industry: It can be used as a photographic fixing agent

  • in the paper-making industry: the chlorine removal agent after pulp bleaching;

  • in the printing and dyeing industry: the dechlorination agent after cotton fabric bleaching

  • in the analytical chemistry: reagent for chromatography analysis and capacity analysis

  • in the medicine: detergents and disinfectants; solve cyanide poisoning and mercury poisoning;

  • in skin itching, chronic urticaria, drug rash

  • in the food industry: chelating agent, anti-oxidant, etc.

CAS 10102177 sodium thiosulfate sodium thiosulphate