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Brand Name: YC
Custom Order: Accept
Printing Handling:
Feature: Simplicity
Material: Wood


It is usually used as a wrapping for goods or as a protective outer layer for goods. the volume of the carton changes according to the size of the goods, and the carton usually has "careful and light", "fear of moisture", "up", "stacking limit ", "fear of sun", "moisture", "quality and safety", "no tumbling ""Do not trample" "Attention to fire" "Fragile objects" "Green environment ""Fear of heat" "food" "anti-odor" and other kinds of patterns or text prompts to remind users of the attention to protect the contents from harm.
as an indispensable part of modern logistics, packaging cartons bear the important responsibility of accommodating, protecting products and aesthetics, and the physical performance indicators of packaging cartons become the basis for their quality assessment, and the accuracy and reliability of the test data need to be guaranteed by good testing environmental conditions.Packaging carton can be customized please contact customer service before placing an order