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Type: Book
Brand Name: leather notebook
Genre: Dictionary
Audience: Adult
Type: leather notebook
colour: Standard color


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Main Advantages:

  the advantages of paper notebooks
1, compared to e-books, paper notebook content is more intuitive. A book is placed there, pick it up and read it, no need to look for it, no need to think.
2, the user experience is better, it is also convenient when looking back, especially after labeling the paper book, all the points, the key points, at a glance. Moreover, reading paper books without the trouble of power problems.
3, to provide readers with a sense of satisfaction, reading is sometimes a habit, when every book read is laid out in front of the reader will bring a strong sense of satisfaction, and then bring the motivation to read more books.
4, collection value, now the paper books are generally in the direction of hardcover, canonical production development, which makes the books not only have the meaning of available for reading, but also the value of collection.
5, easier to meditate on reading, reading on electronic devices, especially cell phones, it is easy to be disturbed by other software. Friends, microblogging, games, etc., are easy to distract people, resulting in inefficient reading. and paper books do not have this trouble.Book records leather notebook reference price can be customized details and offers consult customer service