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Thickness: 5S-160
Application: Petroleum, chemical, machinery, paper, ships, aircraft
Type: Seamless
Standard: AISI
Outer Diameter: 1/8''-20''


Chemical composition 

Grade C ≤ Si ≤ Mn ≤ P ≤ S ≤ Ni ≤ Cr ≤
201 0.12 0.75 7.00 0.045 0.045 1.00-1.28 13.70-15.70


as it has good formability with moderate strength, SS 201 Grade is used in various applications across various industries. It is often found in kitchen utensils and appliances because it does not easily discolour or rust after contacting water or food products like other grades. It is also used in medical instruments and automotive parts that require flexibility while maintaining strength under pressure. this grade of stainless steel also finds uses in railway carriages and architectural structures due to its high formability and resistance to harsh weather conditions such as rain or snowfall.

Welded tube advantage

1. Uniform wall thickness - the base material is formed strip, with good wall thickness consistency and high surface finish, reaching industrial clean surface level 2B.

2. Low residual stress - the steel pipe after forming uses a high temperature above 1040 degrees for bright annealing of the stainless steel pipe to eliminate stress.

3. High weld strength - welding adopts fusion welding, the material composition is unchanged, after high temperature heat treatment, the weld and the base material have the same intergranular structure, flattening the weld, reverse bending, flaring and other damage experiments, the weld will not appear cracking or cracks, burring and other addition to eddy current testing and water pressure or gas test to ensure the quality of the pipe.

4. Good consistency - the outer diameter, wall thickness, length and straightness of the pipe are consistent, and the processing accuracy is high

Packaging &Shipping

Packing Idea Packing Method by Customer Request
1 Each piece per poly bag or labeling.
2 Each piece per paper tube.
3 Pack tubes into paper cartons for customer special requirement.
4 50 pieces per bundle with waterproof packing
5 Provide strong packing with wooden crate, wooden case, steel crate, plastic pallet, wooden pallet, paper pallet as customer need.
6 Good experience for loading goods into container for customer request

Corrosion Resistance

AISI 201 has excellent corrosion resistance due to its high chromium content (17-19%) and low carbon levels. It is also highly oxid-resistant, making it suitable for moist or acidic environments. Furthermore, this metal alloy exhibits good formability and weldability and can be machined easily. these factors make 201 stainless steel ideal for applications requiring superior corrosion resistance and strength.

AISI 201 Stainless Steel Welded Tube with Stair Railing Handrail Furniture