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Rated Voltage: 3000
Application: Low Voltage
Material: wood pulp
Type: Insulation Paper
Brand Name: DMS
Tensile Strength: 200
Model Number: QKZ-020
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
density: 1.1
width: 1000mm
thickness: 0.2mm


Cyan / Highland barley paper insulation Paper material

 Cyan Electrical Insulation Papers
Cyan Electrical Insulation Papers
Cyan Electrical Insulation Papers
Cyan Electrical Insulation Papers

Green shell paper, also known as highland Barley paper, is a common name for blue thin electrical insulating cardboard. Made from a mixture of wood fibers or cotton fibers and processed through Certain processes, the green shell paper combines the excellent insulation Performance of wood pulp insulation paper and the good dielectric strength of Polyester film.


the commonly used colors for thin Electrical insulating cardboard are yellow and cyan, commonly known as yellow Shell paper and cyan paper.


Highland barley paper is processed with 100% wood pulp and has good electrical and mechanical properties. It is widely Used as an insulation material in motors, appliances, instruments, and Switches. It can also be used in 6520 polyester film composite foil base paper. the thickness of the cardboard is 0.1mm-0.5mm, and its colors include natural Color, green shell color, red, blue, yellow, and so on.


Characteristics and usage:


Green shell paper has good mechanical Strength, high electrical strength, flat and smooth surface, and high Toughness. It is widely used as an insulation material in equipment such as Motors, electrical appliances, and instruments. It is also used for slot to Slot insulation, turn to turn insulation, and pad insulation of B-class motors. Simultaneously used for making 6250 polyester film composite foil.


Use screws to fasten the wings and heads of A ceiling fan for home use, with a layer of green shell paper spaced between Them. There is a green shell paper sandwiched between the press ring of the Lathe spindle and the gearbox.

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