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Brand Name: WY
Thickness: 25-120
color: white
Density: 200-850
Size: 1200*600*30-100
Model Number: RF Board
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)


RF ladle board is a type of high-density calcium silicate board that does not contain ceramic fibers. It has low thermal conductivity, high strength, moisture resistance, and excellent stability in internal structure and external dimensions. It is an ideal choice to replace ceramic fiber materials. RF ladle plate is not only usable
for ladle lining, it can also be used in intermediate ladles, torpedo tanks, and electric furnaces. the typical volumetric density is 800-850kg/m 3, Common sizes include 300 * 114 * 13mm, 1200 * 600 * 13mm, etc. Special sizes can be customized.

how can I get your timely quotation?
If you can send us the factors such as working temperature, bulk density, size (length * width * thickness), and quantity, we can reply to your quotation soon.
What are the requirements of the command?
No restrictions, we can provide the best suggestions and solutions based on your situation.
When will delivery be made after placing the order?
Confirm the order 15-25 days later.
4. Does your company accept customization?
We accept OEM services.
how to solve quality problems?
If the product does not meet the customer's sample requirements or has quality issues, our company will be responsible for this.
6. What is coordination system code?
the coordination system code is 6809900000
7. Timely response,
Timely reply to your inquiries, provide multiple options and suggestions based on your needs, quickly reply to emails and provide solutions.
8 Sampling evaluation
Accept samples and trial orders for quality evaluation
9. Strict quality control
Arrange production on time and strictly control quality
10. Shorten delivery time.
Book the earliest vessel or aircraft to ensure delivery time
11. Professional services
Provide all detailed news and images from delivery to delivery;
If necessary, provide relevant export documents and original documents;
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