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Perforated Metal Also named perforated screen plate or perforated screen mesh. With the most advanced digital control punching machine, Mingzuan manufacturers a wide range of perforated metal screen sheets with the most complicated and beautiful designs for producing of vibrating screen for oil field drilling, mine screening,engineering, sifting of grains, decorations and designs of buildings. Perforation patterns: Round perforations, square perforations, slotted perforations,fish scale perforations,hexagonal perforations, cross perforations as well as some other special patterns. Materials available: Mild steel perforated metal screen; galvanized iron perforated metal screen; aluminum perforated metal screen; stainless steel perforated metal screen; perforated metal sheets in other materials. Specify the perforated metal screen sheets when you order: 1,Thickness of the perforated metal sheets 2,Length of the perforated metal sheets 3,Perforation patterns, size and shape 4,Arrangement of perforation