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Trichloroisocyanuric Acid (Trichloro Isocyanuric Acid, TCCA) is white crystal power, granular or tablets with stimulant smell of hypochloric acid. With strong bleaching and disinfection effects, TCCA is extensively adopted for civil sanitation, animal husbandry, plant protection, cotton, gunning, chemical fabrics, woolens, battery materials, organic synthesis industry, and laundry. Stabilised chlorine tablets (trichlor) are used very widely to chlorinate swimming pool water. The features, benefits and disadvantages are described below.   General Description: - CAS No.:87-90-1 - Molecular Weight:232.44 - UN No.:2468 - Class:5.1 - Formula:C3O3N3Cl3   Specifications: - Available Chlorine: 90%min. - pH Value (1% W.S.): 2.7-3.3 - Moisture: 0.5%max. Appearance: - The granular size: 8-30mesh 90% through - The 20gm tablet is 30mm diameter by 16mm high. - The 200gm tablet is 75mm diameter by 25mm high. Package and transportation: - 50kg Fibre drum ( 35cm diameter by 58mm high) max 20.4Metric Ton/20'Container - 50kg PE jar ( 33cm X 38cm by 58mm high) max 21Metric Ton/20'Container - 1000kg big bag with pallet max 20Metric Ton/20'Container