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Different types of lenticular 1)PET Direct printing with normal ink, the drying time is slower than PP. material. PET is harder than PP. and PVC, stable and high-quality of image. High density of LPI material could improve imation and also intoxic. PET could resist corrosion of chemicals, so it is hard of glueing Usable in toy, ad, foods and related products. 2)PP PPcould also be direct printing, but need to do corona treatment on the surface. Could be printed with normal ink, dry-time is faster than PET. PP is harder than PVC, but softer than PET, intoxic, easy to stick, used in package, tools and low value added product, price is same with PVC. 3)PVC PVC lenticular is to be made by heat-compressor, to be compressed on top of printed paper, and tear off paper.