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Features: 1. Jewelry Scale with Gradienter for High Precision, Measuring 160 x 114 x 46mm 2.Design with streamline and glossy appearance as high-class jewelry box 3. Cover open automatically with the flick of a switch push button slowing opening itself up 4. Offer a inner transparent protective cover to avoid any wind infection 5. It comes complete with scoop tweezers,operation stick and standard calibration weight Specifications: 1.Capacity: 10g/0.001g, 20g/0.002g and 50g/0.001g 2. Weighing units: g, ct, gn and dwt Backlight colors: red, blue and green 3. Automatic power-off: one minute 4. Operation temperature: 0 to 40癈 (32 to 104癋) 5. Supply power: 1.5 x 2 ( AAA Li-ion battery) 6. Indicates low battery: LO_ 7. Overload indication: O_Ld 8. Scale size: 160 x 114 x 46mm 9. Product net weight: 300g Packing info: 1. Outer packing: 20 pieces/carton 2. Carton dimensions: 474 x 398 x 306mm 3. Gross weight: 10.26kg/20 pieces