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PRODUCTION CHARACTER: Huge power pump and washing ability Arbitrary adjustment of working procedure CO2 Spare Pressure Special water temperature controller and soda washing make the beer kegs cleaner Steam sterilizing can be used for different kinds of stainless steel beer kegs. Pur Rubber pressing Tip Washing Capacity: 100~120 Kegs per Hour WORKING PROCEDURE(Affirming ex-factory): Allocating kegs --> Draining off beer --> Washing by clean water --> Air pumping --> Hot Soda washing --> Air pumping --> Hot water Washing --> Air pumping --> CO2 Spare Pressure --> Taking off kegs Spare Parts Brands: Pneumatic element: AIRTAC (Taiwan) Controller : SIEMENS (Germany) Electromagnetic Valve : ASCOS (USA) Controlling Button: SCHNEIDER (Germany) Water Pump : GRUNDFOS (Denmark) THIS MACHINE CAN BE MADE TO FIT YOUR SPECIFIC KEGS WASHING NEED