Xiamen Jianxinda Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

[Fujian China (Mainland) ]

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Company Description

Xiamen Jianxinda Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began operations in 2003, is an integrative enterprise specializing in Automatic Machining & CNC machining services. We win the customer satisfaction through quality precision machined components and an attention to project customizations and deadlines.

Industries we serve including: Agricultural equipment; house-hold products; Medical&Technological parts; Automotive parts; Telecommunication parts; Construction parts; Energy related parts; Electronic-products

Manufacturing material including: Carbon-Steel/Stainless-Steel/Aluminum/Brass/Copper/Plastic/Rubber/Titanium alloy/Alloy Steel etc.

To reduce costs and increase our responsiveness to our customers needs, we maintain a complete cam library, and large inventories of tooling & inspection equipment.

Our work force is experienced, conscientious, and stable. Our outside vendors for plating, heat-treating, and grinding are long-term, local and reliable.

Together, our vendors and skilled work force make for a well oiled team that puts out quality products!