Netview Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

[Guangdong China (Mainland) ]

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Established in June 2010, NetView Technologies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is a live-streaming and internet multimedia technology company dedicated to the development and promotion of personal internet video products. The company has gathered a team of world-class experts in internet multimedia codec, communication, optoelectronic and other fields, as well as a management team with extensive business operation experience in companies both domestic and abroad.

R&D is NetView's Key Competitive Advantage, with a number of pioneering technologies:

1. The world's first IP camera that uses QR code for WiFi set up. We applied to patent this technology in the U. S. In October 2011, and in China in May 2012

2. The world's first wireless IP camera with audio set up. Applied for patent in the U. S. In October 2011 and in China in May 2012.

3. The world's first live-stream sharing technology, applied for patent in China in April 2012, currently in the public review.

4. The world's first web browser-based P2P technology, applied for patent in China in August 2011.

5. China's first cross-platform (Windows, OS X, and Linux)IP camera

6. China's first cross-browser (IE, Firefox, and Chrome) IP camera.

7. We are the first in China to apply cloud platform and service technology to home security and baby monitor product.

8. The first 'Internet of Things' cloud platform to support multimedia in China