Book Records - Leather Notebook, Reference Price, Can Be Customized (Details & Offers Consult Customer Service)

FOB Price: USD 148.00 - 168.00 Box(es)
Min. Order: 100 Box(es)
Chengdu New Kaijiang Printing Co.
Payment Terms: T/T
Main Products: Children's Picture Books, Books and Publications;

Wholesale Customizable Stone Paper Journal Writing Pads Customized Leather Notebooks with Pen

FOB Price: USD 1.40 - 2.00 Piece(s)
Min. Order: 500 Piece(s)
Chang Weizhiyou Co., Ltd.
Payment Terms: T/T
Main Products: Plush Toys, Notebooks, Silicon Products, Others;

Luxury Black Carbon Fiber Leather Cover Business Notebook with Customer's Logo

FOB Price: USD 25.00 - 30.00 Piece(s)
Min. Order: 20 Piece(s)
Dongguan Lishang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Payment Terms: T/T
Main Products: Carbon Fiber Ring, Carbon Fiber Ruler, Carbon Fiber Pen, Carbon Fiber Notebook, Carbon
Fiber Wallet, Carbon Fiber Key Chain, Carbon Fiber Knife, Carbon Fiber Card Holder;