Rancty Binding Wire Factory

[Hebei China (Mainland) ]

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Company Description

Rancty binding wire factory sells binding wire products. The range of our products are always available: binding wire, box wire, cotton bale tie wire, double loop wire tie, single loop bale ties, rebar tie wire, U type wire, PVC coated wire, etc. All the products that we offer to our clients, is strict control on quality.

Our qualified staff will help with the selection of goods and give all necessary advice and guidance on the use of products. We can offer our clients a wide range of tie wire (annealed wire, galvanized wire, S. S wire, PVC wire, welding wire, copper wire) at the best prices.

In our factory there are three pillars of work:

High quality of all goods and services;

Reasonable pricing;

Careful attention to every clients.

Cotton bale tie wire

Cotton bale tie wire is also named quick link bale ties. Our Cotton bale tie wire is manufactured using high tensile wire. Quick link bale ties are for packaging all types of expanding fibrous material cotton, synthetic fiber, wool, waste, etc. It is Suitable for hand tying & automated systems.

Galvanized wire

Galvanized wire can withstand the negative impact of the environment and increasing their service life. Galvanizing improves corrosion resistance wire and greatly expands its scope. And it has better aesthetic properties. Galvanized Wire used as tie wire, in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.

We offer advantageous conditions of co-operation for regular customers. This means that you can get a preferential purchase of products or additional discounts.

Learn and develop. Despite a wealth of experience, we are constantly exploring new range offered by manufacturers and possible areas of application. We are pleased to be included in the work to promote new types of tie wire. We are confident that we are ready to become a stable, reliable and profitable partner for your company.