Threetop Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

[Guangdong China (Mainland) ]

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Threetop Company (Threetop Optical Electric Technology Co.,Ltd.) specialized in studying,designing,manufacturing and selling of photoelectric and radiation products. Our company aim at the oversea market of laser and photoelectron market,especially direct against the laser application field and power LED application field.and laser,we have reseached red laser module,green laser module,infrared laser module ,beam expander laser module and modulated laser module(including dot,line, and cross laser module) hundreds of products and so on .The laser products are widely used in mapping apparatus, industrial point at ,laser distance finders,building put line, laser scanning,medical treatment,military affair,test teaching,light of stage,laser point at etc. field.The power LED used in AC/DC series,DC/DC series power LED driver illume lamps and lanterns and portable RCP.
Threetop Corporation with high capability in manufacture.there are more than 20000 staffs,the company pay attention to the development of technology,have 100 research men and engineers ,at the same time,we have technology cooperation with related nation reseachment institution on photoelectricity and expert professor. The hardware of our company are perfect,There are more than 800 pcs manufacture instruments,400 pcs testing instruments and more than 200pcs metallic incisory instruments in our company etc., now,we have more than 800 pcs on the high precision of products .at the same time , Our Company also can offer a large rang of OEM and ODM Lasers and Laser Systems for the most diverse applications and especial ranges.