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Operational since 1981,Elbi Spa is specialized in a specific type of manufacturing.Our enthusiasm ever impels us to break new ground. A wide range of products like ours requires knowledge and competence in several areas of industrial activity. A constant policy of heavy investments allows Elbi to build plants, and therefore products, with a high technological content, and to keep this level up-to-date.Thanks to this investment policy, Elbi is achieving a verticalization of the manufacturing process that is unparalleled in our sectors of activity, and which allows us to constantly and accurately control all the stages of the material transformation process, whether dealing with metals, plastics or rubber.
The variety of the range handled by the three company divisions requires specific know-how in a variety of fields, and great competence in design, processing techniques and operations.
Over the years, the Elbi Technical Department has developed special knowledge and competence in several fields of technology, including the working of stainless and carbon steels and the moulding of rubber and plastics.Product development uses advanced CAD systems and modern monitoring software. No less important are our testing facilities and laboratories for our wide designing needs.
Mechanics. The transformation of metals currently covers about 70% of our production activities, with the use of different technologies, from cold pressing, cutting and bending of plate to welding of carbon and stainless steel, epoxy powder coating and assembly. The entire production process makes large use of industrial automation and robotic systems for manipulation and logistics. An integrated company information system monitors the organization of the production process, starting from production analysis and programming up to sales of finished products. This information structure is supported by our Data Processing Service, which satisfies special information requirements by implementing and developing in-house part of the software for specific purposes.
Plastic materials
In the early 90's Elbi decided to expand into a new line of production with the manufacture of plastic materials, obtaining remarkable results in terms of technological innovation. In 1996 Elbi became a member of ARM (Association of Rotational Moulders), an international trade organization that gathers rotational moulders and industry professionals from 66 countries worldwide.
The plastics department is equipped with 10 rotational moulding oven-machines, 8 at the central plant and 2 at the new Modugno (Bari) plant. The biggest machine, which is the largest of its kind in Europe, has a moulding capacity of 15,000 litres.
Thanks to the rotational moulding technology Elbi manufactures a wide range of non-toxic recyclable polyethylene products: in addition to storage tanks (water, food industry and chemical liquids as well as other types of fluids) and shrub/flower planters, Elbi designs and manufactures bell receptacles for sorted waste disposal, dumpsters for solid urban waste and composters for organic waste conversion, thus contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.
At the end of the year 2000, Elbi absorbed an affiliate that produced the rubber diaphragms used in the Elbi expansion and surge tanks. The acquisition was completed in 2001 with the transfer to the Limena facilities of all the diaphragm production equipment, including two closed-cylinder mixers for production of different types of rubber compounds, a range of modern injection presses and a test laboratory where the compounds are tested as required by the certification authorities to verify compliance with the most stringent international standards. All the stages of the production cycle, from the design of the rubber compounds to the moulding of the finished products, are carried out in-house and continuously monitored by our quality control centre.