Jiazhen Co., Ltd.

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Jiazhen co. Ltd that is a company has six factories producing plastic card in China (Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Zhengzhou, Chengdu). We are NO. 1 of the quantity of card producing in China and specialize in producing the different PVC card and smart card. ( ie: Membership card, VIP card, business card, blank card, magnetic card barcode card, scratch card, transparent card, matte card. Etc)

We have the Lower price than others and High quality!

Affinity--cooperation is the best way for an enterprise to obtain highest Achievement, under the prerequisite of "respecting individual" and principle of "Sincerity ", different psychology, emotion and intelligence of different Individual and the different world in an individual's eyes shall be created Through understanding others and expressing one self.

Innovation--originality shall be aroused in an affinitive air and through Straight -out communication: innovative system crease wider space for subsistence And development

Pursuing preeminence --pursuing preeminent quality of products and services Uninterruptedly with perfection; pursuing preeminent achievement of the individual And never-ending pursuit!

Capacity of 50000000 per month

Annual output 600000000pcs